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Bank Misr Meeza Card Disbursing Services



Bo   Banque Misr’s service salary disbursing services, which uses a system by issuing smart chip cards bearing the logo of the national network, Mezza, is the best according to the Ministry of Finance. As a result of this, the bank was the first bank among all banks in the current market that pay salaries to employees with a share of 48% of the total beneficiaries of this service for the sixteenth year in a row. Therefore, we offer the following advantages when paying salaries through Banque Misr:

Benefits for the employee:

Purchase, withdrawal, and deposit by card:

-       No charges to the employee for salary transfer

-       The card is issued free of charge without issuance or renewal fees

-       You can issue a short account statement, free of cost, through Banque Misr ATMs

-       Make purchases from stores that have a POS machine, whether inside or outside of Egypt, according to the available balance on the card, without any commissions

-       Cash withdrawals and inquiries from Banque Misr ATMs without any commissions, 24 hours a day

-       Cash withdrawals and inquiries from all ATMs at other banks according to the agreed upon expenses

-       Cash withdrawal and purchases through the contactless feature, with a maximum of 600 EGP at once

-       Purchases through Egyptian websites

-       Making government payments, whether through POS or websites

-       The possibility of making a deposit on the card through the ATMs of Banque Misr


Enjoy the following Fawry payment services:

·        Payment of mobile bills

·        Recharging your balance for all networks

·        Payment of Telecom Egypt bills

·        Recharging your balance for Internet companies (Link - TE-Data)

·        Payment of the bills of all electricity companies at a national level

·        Water companies (Giza Drinking Water and Sanitation Company - Red Sea Water Company)

·        Various insurance companies (Egyptian Takaful Insurance - Allianz Life Insurance)

·        Donating to large charitable organizations (Hospital 57357 - Food Bank - Resala Organization - Misr El Kheir Foundation - Al Shifa Bank - Magdi Yacoub Foundation)

·        Payment of airline tickets (EgyptAir - Air Cairo)

·        Payment of American Chamber of Commerce subscriptions


Enjoy following of the bank's retail banking products:

·        Personal loans with the lowest interest rate and the longest repayment period

·        Car Loans

·        Durable Goods Loans

·        Credit cards.

·        Insurance programs for individuals

·        Loans for club subscriptions


Enjoy also the following unconventional services:

·        Withdrawing money at any bank branch in the republic in case the card is lost

·        Recovering a lost password from any branch of the bank without resorting to the commissioner

·        Removing login attempts through PIN at any bank branch

·        Linking personal accounts to the payroll card and disbursing money through it

·        The possibility of purchasing and making electronic payments through the salary provided service

·        Using the card on Banque Misr electronic-wallet BM WALLET


The advantages to the organization:

·        Contracting is done centrally with the government entity without the need to open accounts for each employee individually

·        Transferring salaries to all employees of the organization in all  of the Republic using only one file, and the payment is made to all employees at the same time

·        No risks of bringing cash to the workplace

·        Avoiding the risks of keeping the cash on you until all the wages and salaries of the employees are disbursed

·        Security in financial transactions, as the implementation of all operations, whether cash withdrawals or purchases, requires entering the card's password

·        Save time and effort from the procedures for disbursing wages and salaries

·        You can deposit money onto the card more than once per month (salary - incentive - bonuses) without any expenses or commissions

·        Urgent Payroll Disbursement Service

·        Employees subscribe to the text messaging service when money is withdrawn or their salary is disbursed


Fees and commissions:

·        The first time the card is issues, it is free

·        Card validity is 5 years

·        Expenses for issuing a replacement card in case of damage is 10 pounds

·        The expenses of issuing a new PIN to replace a lost one is 3 pounds

·        Expenses for cash withdrawals and inquiries, except at Banque Misr ATMs

·        Cash withdrawal fees and account statements at ATMs that have the 123 logo,  according to the pricing of the National Transfer Network (Egypt Banks Company)


For more information:



* Banque Misr reserves the right to change any of the aforementioned information without prior notification.

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