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Personal loan for Egyptian working abroad

Advantages and Conditions


  • Largest amount of financing value up to 3 million EGP.
  • Longest repayment period up to 4 years.
  • Maximum monthly installment value that reaches 50% of the average monthly income of the customer.
  • Minimum loan administrative expenses (3% of the value of the loan which includes all expanses including stamp tax.)
  • Free life insurance and total disability.
  • There is no guarantor for the loan.


  • The loan can be granted to all employees with monthly incomes working for entities and companies in foreign countries.
  • The minimum age to apply is 25 years old and the maximum is 60 years old at the end of the financing period.
  • The minimum monthly income is 5000 US dollars or its equivalent.
  • The minimum residency period abroad of two years.
  • The minimum period of service/employment date in the same entity is one year.


Documents required from the client

  • Loan application form with all complete data. click here
  • the statement of health status Click here and statement of Covid status Click here
  • Copy of (a valid national ID card or Passport of the client.
  • Certified copy of the employment contract.
  • Proof of residence abroad.
  • Lease contract for accommodation / proof of residence address abroad.
  • Mobile phone bill for the last 3 months from the country of residence.
  • Bank statement for the last 3 months showing the monthly income transferred to the customer.
  • A letter for the client’s employer which indicates acceptance of the transfer of the monthly installment amount. click here
  • This is fulfilled only in the case of a premium transfer letter program.

The required steps to obtain a loan

Application from outside the Arab Republic of Egypt:

  • Visit the website of the bank.
  • Download and print “Loan application form- Employer letter, only in the case of Premium Transfer Letter Program” and complete all the data required.
  • Documents’ authentication through the branches of the bank, representative offices, or correspondent contracted with the bank.
  • Send all documents after authentication to the following email address:

  • After obtaining the approval to take a loan, the bank will send a copy of the contract to the client via Email with attachments including the documents to open an account in foreign currency, documents to open a current account to cash the loan, and the checks to be completed.
  • The required checks and documents are to be signed and the original documents are to be sent by express mail to the branch the client is dealing with.
  • After the loan is implemented, the bank sends the installment payment schedule to the client by email. The client signs the schedule as soon as he/she cashes the loan.
  • The client signs the installment payment schedule as evidence of receiving it and sends it back by email or express mail to the branch the client is dealing with.

Application from inside the Arab Republic of Egypt

  • The application is submitted and all required documents are completed and authenticated through a branch all over Egypt.
  • After obtaining the approval to take a loan, all other procedures would be completed including the opening of an account in foreign currency and the issuing of checks which are required to be signed by the client in the branch the client is dealing with.
  • After the loan is implemented, the client signs the installment payment schedule and signs it through the branch the client is dealing with.


secured loan

 For more inquiries, please call 19888 or send your inquiry to the following e-mail: 



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