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A statement of ATMs equipped to deal of customers with distinguished capabilities

Al-Momken Investment Saving Account with a Special Interest Rate

For the Distinctively Abled (For People of Determination)

Because you are  Distinctively Abled, Banque Misr offers you “Al-Momken Investment Saving Account” with monthly special interest rate. This account enables you to invest your money and gain a special competitive interest rate and enjoy many different benefits which suit all your basic banking needs in accordance with Islamic Sharia regulations.

Al Momken Investment Saving Account Features:

  • The account is available for Egyptian and foreign Distinctively Abled individual customers “People of Determination”.
  • The account opening is free of charge and with a minimum balance of only EGP 500.
  • The special interest rate is applied on balance starting from EGP 500.
  • Competitive interest rate with an increase of 1% over the rate applicable to other savings accounts
  • Interest is paid monthly.
  • It is allowed to open the account at any of Banque Misr – Kenana branches for Islamic transactions across the Republic.
  • Withdraw, deposit and perform all your banking transactions through Banque Misr branches across Egypt, in addition to providing a number of branches equipped to receive our Distinctively Abled clients “People of Determination” to facilitate their access to banking services and products through a distinctive banking experience. To view the list of equipped branches, please click on the link below: CLICK HERE
  • Issuance of Debit Card for free to access to your account 24/7 easily, through our ATM across Egypt, in addition to providing ATMs equipped to deal with our Distinctively Abled clients "People of Determination". (For more information about the network of equipped ATMs, please click on the link below):CLICK HERE 
  • You can inquire about your account and conducting many of your banking transactions for free through the services provided by Banque Misr:

                        -  Internet Banking service and BM online application

                  -    Banque Misr Interactive voice response service (IVR) by calling the call center 19888

•  Exemptions and reductions are obtained from some expenses related to Islamic financing products.

The Required Documents for Account Opening:

  • Identification Document
  • The medical report or the social solidarity card.

To know more about return rates , click here

  • Terms and conditions apply
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