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Banque Misr Continues its Pioneering Role in Financially Educating Thousand of School and University Students, in Collaboration with the Egyptian Banking System Model

May 30, 2021 12:00 AM
In line with Banque Misr’s pioneering role in financial education and inclusion, the Bank – through its Financial Inclusion and Business Development division – supported the Egyptian Banking System Model, for the eighth consecutive year and since 2014. This is owing to Banque Misr’s keenness on educating university and school students and qualifying them for the job market, in collaboration with the Egyptian Banking Institute, where the closing ceremony for the academic year 2020/2021 was held on Thursday, 27th May 2021.
Worth noting is that since the commencement of the current academic year, the Model was implemented at 15 schools and 9 universities; namely Cairo University, Alexandria University, Ain Shams University, Helwan University, the Canadian University, Mansoura University, Suez University, South Valley University and the Russian University. Educational materials on financial inclusion, banking services and communication were distributed to 20,000 students during the academic year, in addition to field trips conducted to certain secondary and preparatory schools.
A business operation simulation was also performed at 6 branches for some 600 students in the governorates of Cairo, Daqahlia, Suez and Qena where the students assumed the roles of Bank personnel and vice versa. A comprehensive orientation was also delivered on the Bank’s products and the documents required for obtaining them. Furthermore, the branches issued Meeza cards and BM Wallet on a free-of-charge basis and 5 tours were organized to Talaat Harb Pasha museum at Banque Misr headquarters for some 150 university students. The students were also given the opportunity to open savings accounts, obtain Meeza cards, acquire BM Wallet, while adhering to all precautionary and safety measures pertaining to COVID-19.
Additionally, Banque Misr delivered 30 lectures to 900 university students – participating in the Model – on financial inclusion and the various banking products it offers online, which were delivered by representatives from the Financial Inclusion department at the Central Bank of Egypt, the Egyptian Banking Institute and Banque Misr employees.
Banque Misr continues to educate and inform university and school students and to familiarize them with various banking products and services. This is to better equip them and prepare them to handle their future financial matters and to enable them to become entrepreneurs and active members of their community.