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Banque Misr participates in the events of the International Exhibition of Communications and Information Technology "Cairo ICT Exhibition 2022"

Nov 30, 2022 12:00 AM

Banque Misr has participated in the events of the International Exhibition of Communications and Information Technology "Cairo ICT Exhibition 2022" held at the International Fairgrounds in Cairo in the period 27-30 this November, through a state-of-the-art digital suite through which all information was provided to visitors about the bank's various services and products with the aid of a highly trained team to promote its products and digital services, this is in line with the current developments in the field of communication and information technology and due to the bank's belief in the pioneering and effective role of this sector in the progress and prosperity of society economically and socially.

Through the exhibition, the bank showcased the services of Banque Misr wallet "BM Wallet" and the new generation of internet service and bank mobile "BM Online", which provides a variety of banking services and has many benefits and discounts on the service provided by the bank mobile application "BM Online", which provides a better customer experience. The bank has embodied the service of the automated assistant "Chat Bot" through the character of "ABQARINO", and Banque Misr is the first bank to use AI technology through its website to serve clients 7/24 and respond to their inquiries.

These interactive services are a step forward toward digital transformation where the clients are able to have an interactive conversation all the time without having to wait and this technology contributes to providing a variety of communication channels with the clients to reflex the speed and flexibility of the service provided in order to elevate its efficiency and speed. Also, the bank has introduced a new chapter of its success in the exhibition, where it introduced the reflection notion "inverted house", which attracted many visitors since all of its parts are in place in s reversed and unconventional way, which has earned the admiration of the visitors.

Through the exhibition, Banque Misr's digital products have also been promoted, that include small-sized enterprises financing loan “Express”, which is the first digital financing in Egypt, and the first integrated digital product launched through Banque Misr's Department of Digital Transformation, which is considered the first of its type for digital transformation, and the product allows Banque Misr's clients to apply for financing for their small-sized enterprises online via the Banque Misr's website without the need to heading to the branch, as well as to follow up on the loan steps, step by step, via the website with the simplest ways and least procedures, also, the bank has launched Murabaha for financing small-sized enterprises online with the simplest steps and least procedures to meet all the various needs of its clients, in addition, the bank has, for the first time in Egypt, automated the process for obtaining small-sized enterprises financing from Banque Misr in order to provide the service instantly.

It should be noted that Banque Misr has a sophisticated network of ATMs amounting to more than 5120 machines that provide deposit and withdrawal services, currency exchange, bill payment, donations, and other services. The bank also enables its clients to communicate 7/24 through the main page of Banque Misr on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

The bank is keen to provide various financial services to various segments of society through several channels, including branches spread out, which reach 800 branches all over Egypt, so Banque Misr would become the nearest to its clients wherever they are, in addition to its global and regional presence in the UAE, Lebanon, France, Germany, China, Russia, South Korea, Italy (Milan), and Kenya (Nairobi), in addition to a widespread of correspondents that cover all countries of the world.