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Visa Awards BM the Highest Visa Consumer Credit PV Growth Rate in 2022 Award

Feb 27, 2023 01:00 PM

BM has achieved yet another milestone at the beginning of the year 2033. The bank has been awarded Visa's Highest Visa Consumer Credit PV Growth Rate in Egypt. Mr. Andrew Torre, Regional President for Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (CEMEA) at Visa, has presented the award to Mr. Mohamed Eletreby, Chairperson of Banque Misr.


"We highly value our distinguished strategic partnership with Visa, and we are honored to receive this award. We will achieve even more flourishing growth in the coming period with the announcement of our new card, Visa Signature, which offers exclusive benefits to its holders, including 5% cashback on their purchases across several categories in accordance with Visa's terms and conditions," announced Mr. Mohamed Eletreby. 


Mr. Eletreby has also assured that BM is adamantly working towards entering new partnerships and initiatives to offer BM clients an enjoyable banking and credit experience, pioneering digital payment solutions to satisfy clients' needs and easeful solutions. This allows the bank to reach different segments of the market towards achieving financial inclusivity in accordance with the direction adopted nationwide.


BM is continuously working to support digitalization efforts by offering electronic solutions to its clients while offering more advanced and simpler financial and banking services. 


Ms. Leila Serhan, the Senior Vice President and Group Country Manager, North Africa, Levant and Pakistan (NALP) at Visa, stated, "We are proud of our partnership with BM, one of the region's top banks, leading with its ability to keep up with market developments and demands. This award comes as part of the fruitful partnership between Visa and BM over the past few years, towards fulfilling our digital payment strategy. We are working with the government, banks, and our partners in financial technology to offer creative, safe, and attractive electronic payment solutions with advanced and competitive benefits." 


BM offers a wide range of digital payment solutions to its customers through smart cards that offer easier and safer transactions instead of using cash. The bank also offers digital payment and collection services to both its brick and mortar and online retail clients. The service is also available for phone applications, allowing businesses to make more sales. The bank also offers the latest payment and POS technology to align with merchant needs. BM ATMs offer contactless transaction technology for faster, easier, and safer transactions. Digital POS terminals are available through the bank, operated by Android for a user-friendly experience while offering the ability to directly link the client's cashier app to the POS terminal for faster transactions. 


BM's strategy is to become a leading bank in the digital transformation of the banking sector in Egypt. The bank believes that the digital transformation of the banking industry will contribute to improving banking and financial services available in Egypt. Hence, BM has launched a number of digital services as part of its digital transformation efforts, including the new, user-friendly phone application for online banking, BM Express. It is an umbrella through which the online small project financing loan and the Islamic loan for small projects have been launched. That is in addition to the BM Express online bank account, tailored for companies, allowing business owners to set up a bank account online in less than 24 hours, wherever they are, while also being able to track their application through the website through very simple steps. 


BM supports digitization efforts through offering online solutions to facilitate ease of use for clients and offers accessible and advanced banking and financial solutions. The bank further enhances its success and effective participation in offering services and through joining initiatives and protocols to fulfill a variety of client segments' needs. BM's working values and strategies continue to reflect its dedication to sustainable development and prosperity in Egypt.