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Banque Misr draws a smile on children's faces in celebration of Orphan Day in 15 governorates

Apr 12, 2023 10:17 AM

Banque Misr and its Foundation for Community Development celebrated Orphan Day in the governorates of Cairo, Alexandria and other governorates; where the celebration was held on Friday, 17th March in fifteen Egyptian governorates in various regions of the Republic.


The celebration is considered a part of Banque Misr’s pioneering role in the field of social responsibility and its role in community service, and as being an integral part of the Egyptian society structure. In Cairo Governorate, the Orphan’s Day ceremony was held at the Children’s Civilization and Creativity Center for about 350 orphan children. Many of the Bank's employees and their families attended the celebration and spent the day with the orphan children. The children enjoyed playing various games and activities, as well as watching various entertainment and artistic shows.


The employees were also keen to present a group of in-kind gifts to children. Similar celebrations were also organized in fourteen other Governorates, with the participation of Banque Misr employees and their families. The total number of children celebrated in all governorates reached about 3,000 children.


Banque Misr also participates in many activities that support community development, directly or indirectly, through its non-profit foundation, in several areas such as health, education, social solidarity and community development, such as development projects for the most deserving Egyptian villages, slums, and everything related to human development.


Banque Misr is considered one of the largest banks that has a history in the field of social responsibility, and as a result of the bank’s distinguished efforts in the field of social responsibility, the Bank has recently won several international awards in this field. Banque Misr is striving to provide a positive model in terms of social responsibility for all institutions; which is reflected in the sustainable development of society as a whole. In the past five years, Banque Misr has spent more than EGP 5.2 billion on all development activities in this field.