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Letter of Credit



Letter of credit.jpg

Letters of Credit (LCs) are the safest and often most


convenient means of financing trade related transactions. LC (Documentary or Standby) is a written undertaking given by a bank (Issuing Bank) to a beneficiary upon instructions from an applicant (issuing Bank’s client) to pay the beneficiary at sight




Import letter of credit


We offer excellent service for the issuance of all Types of LCs (Local, International, revolving, Back to Back, standby)


Export letter of credit


we offer issuance of shipping guarantees for Import LCs in case of documents not received yet.


Shipping Guarantee


we offer excellent service with a quick time for advising new received issuance LC and amendments. We also, offer you, Transferable of LCs, Assignment of proceedshandled by experienced Tarde finance operations


Export LCConfirmation


By adding our confirmation to the Letter of Credit, it allows you to trade with confidence by providing certainty that you’ll be paid for goods you export provided complying presentation and you will have protection against payment default by the buyer’s bank. confirming the export letters of credit enable you to manage your cash flow more effectively by giving you a known payment date, currency and amount.




Documentary collections




Documentary collections.jpg


Your customers ask you for a cheaper way of handling theirinternational business, as they have already known the otherparty for quite a while and the importing country of thedrawee fulfils certain criteria. Nevertheless, your customersdo not want to do the business on an open account basis.




Documentary collection might be a good solution for yourTherefore, it is important to choose the right partner




Import Documentary Collections & Avalization


We offer you the fastest settlements and tracking for your payment, issuance of form 4 and handling all your import documents


By adding our Avalisation:


If you offer to accept a bill of exchange payable at future date and request us as your bank to avalize (guarantee) the bill at maturity accordingly this will improve the credit terms and you will be able to obtain credit terms from your suppliers and enhance the trading relationships.


Export Documentary Collection


Using banks as intermediaries, it’s a simple and safe way to receive payments – with the added convenience of our bank tracing payment and acceptance.




Our Trade Export Collections service offer you a straightforward, globally recognized method of settling payments for your exports Subject to International Chamber of Commerce rules, providing you with the reassurance of a worldwide standard wherever you trade.




Export Certificates




Export Certificates.jpg


We offer the issuance of Export certificates according to thecentral bank of Egypt instructions.








Draft Discounting Programme with Banque Misr assists youin mitigating working capital pressures and reducing highborrowing costs, we help you build your business withimproved turnaround time and fast access to funds bydiscounting your Bank Accepted Draft (BAD) or Commercial




Accepted Draft (CAD), either drawn on paper or issued


electronically. You can also improve the balance sheet andyour relationship with the entire supply chain






Discounting of avalized Documentary collections


We offer purchase of the avalized bill of exchange at a discount.


As an exporterthis will significantly reduce non-payment risks and country risk and early access to fund.


As an importerthis provides advantages to you and your supplier, your supplier gains early access to fund at interest rate that may be lower than those available in their local market , you gain time to sell the goods and generate the cash you need at maturity of the bill.


Discounting of Export & Import LCs




You can use LC Discounting if you sell or buy on credit terms using letters of credit as a means of settlement.



For you as an exporter:

LC discounting allows you to receive funds as soon as there is a binding commitment from your buyer’s bank that payment is due on a specific future date. As an exporter this enables you to receive payment sooner, you don’t have to wait for your buyer to pay you and gives you the ability to offer your trading partner longer payment terms and improve your business relationship.


For you as an importer:


LC discounting allows you to control your cash flow as we will pay the funds as soon as it become our binding commitment that payment is due on a specific future date. As an importer it helps you to improve cash flow by accelerating the payment to your suppliers that put you in a stronger negotiating position and can help place you in a position to negotiate better pricing that allows you to pay your suppliers early.

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