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BM Global


With BM Global "You Can Enjoy Innovative Banking Solutions and Financial Products Tailored to Your Needs Wherever You Are"

our products and services 

1- Experience 24/7 account access through a variety of user-friendly channels

  • Online and Mobile banking

    You can have a full accessibility to your accounts and you have several features to facilitate your requests like “open sub-accounts – issue CDs, TDs, transfer between your account, and more 


  • Dedicated BM Global Support team

    A very well-trained team who is dedicated to handle all BM-Global customers and to help you achieve your financial goals


  • priority access to BM call center

    BM-Global customers have a priority access to call center through their international calls through 19888


  • Dedicated Email Channel:
    You can contact us through a dedicated email channel: BMGLOBAL@BANQUEMISR.COM



2- Highest Returns on your Savings

You can enjoy a variety of savings accounts, time deposits and savings certificates with a special interest rate to help you achieve all your financial goals, to learn more, please click on the following link


3- Loans Programs:

A number of different financing programs suitable for all your needs

  • Personal loan: Maximum financing value up to EGP 3 million with the longest repayment period up to 48 months
  • Mortgage Loan: The biggest financing value with the longest repayment period of up to 15 years.


4- BM Cards:
  • Enjoy a wide range benefit of world and world Elite cards.
  • A world of benefits & discounts, easy payment plans, access to VIP lounges in most of the world’s airports
  • free supplementary credit cards Learn More


5- Non-financial value-added Benefits

we offer exclusive concierge services, both internationally and domestically, tailored to your lifestyle, ensuring you have the ultimate experience.

These services include:

  • Travel arrangements (booking tickets, hotels, and transportation)
  • Facilitation of governmental document issues and re-issues, entertainment
  • Tourism bookings (restaurants, cinema, theater)
  • For Reservation


6- For BM Global VIP Customers:

When you maintain a minimum balance of Two million in EGP or its equivalent from other currencies you can enjoy more benefits for VIP Customers , Learn more   


Terms and condition applied


🔗  Click here to contact a customer service representative in preparation for opening an account for residents abroad





Products and services

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