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Banque Misr foundation

Mission & Vision




About Banque Misr Foundation for Community Development

Banque Misr Foundation for Community Development (BMFCD) is a nonprofit organization registered under the Ministry of Social Solidarity, registration number 7045, for the year 2007. BMFCD began operations in 2008.



Banque Misr Foundation for Community Development strives to be a leader in the field of social development with a positive and tangible impact on the Egyptian community as 'Banque Misr's (BM) arm' for corporate social responsibility efforts.



We aim to create value for the society and strive for better economic achievement by engaging in several activities in coordination with a number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) specifically dedicated to women and youth, covering multiple areas, including education, culture, employment, and public health, in addition to encouraging BM employees' engagement in CSR efforts.



Business Sectors:

  • Comprehensive development sector for villages
  • Slum development sector
  • Education sector, training, and rehabilitation of youth.
  • Social health sector
  • Solidarity sector








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