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Investment Trustees

1) Corporate Establishment Services

  • Establishing new projects on behalf of bank customers and attaining all licenses from governmental agencies, in addition to preparing startup agreements and institutional clauses and undertaking other legal procedures, such as registering companies. 
  • Organizing initial public offerings for new projects.
  • Capital increases for existing companies and issuing certificates.
  • Promoting bond issues for companies and organizations.
  • Liquidation of companies and taking all necessary legal and monetary measures.
  • Including company shares in central book keeping system.
  • Company assets valuation and attaining the real value of shares in cooperation with expert offices.

2) Real-Estate Marketing Services

  • The buying and selling of all kinds of real-estate on behalf of bank customers.
  • Real-estate marketing auctions.
  • Buying and selling real-estate on behalf of customers.
  • Promoting Industrial & Touristic projects, whether housing or managerial units through auction.
  • Promising investment opportunities in Egypt.

3) Money Management Services

  • Offering technical advice and expertise needed to assist new projects.
  • Agency works on behalf of customers for payment of regular dues.
  • Liquidation of inheritance in Egypt and abroad.

4) Untraditional Services

  • Preparing feasibility studies for projects on behalf of customers with the help of expert offices of economic studies.
  • Preparing for exhibitions and meetings (local & foreign).
  • All untraditional services.
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