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Custody Securities Services

BM's Services in the Capital Markets


Banque Misr is considered a market leader in the Custody services in Egypt since 1999 with one of the largest networks serving over 750 branches. Its custody business plays an important role in the local market providing our clients with a wide range of insights, new products and accessibility, to meet the challenges in today's complex and competitive marketplace offering a suite of


(i) Core Custody services including, but not limited to

  • Safekeeping.
  • Clearing and Settlements.
  • EGX unified code Issuance.
  • Withholding Tax Agent.

(ii) Asset Services including, but not limited to:


  • Corporate Actions.
  • Income Collection and payments.
  • Position blockage certificate for General Meetings.
  • Proxy voting.


(iii) Value Added Services:

  • Vault Services.
  • Physical Safekeeping.
  • Tailored Reports.
  • IPO Agency.
  • Certificate of incorporation Issuance.
  • Capital increase certificates Issuance.
  • Pledging Securities.
  • Foreign Exchange.
  • Market information.
  • Dedicated customer service.


Securitization Services:

Securitization is one of the latest financing methods that offers opportunities for investors and releases capital for originators, both of which promote liquidity in the market and expanding its activity, and Banque Misr is considered one of the leading banks in the securitization businesses offering tailored services to accommodate the market rapid changes and development throughout:

  • Reviewing, receiving checks & contracts of the SPVs.
  • Safekeeping for the checks & the contracts.
  • Executing the daily investment instructions.
  • Undertake the process of coupon & redemption collection.
  • Issuing periodical reports to "FRA " and “MERIS” the credit Rating Agency.
  • Following up and managing the reserved and delay accounts “cover/decrease/usage/refund” to be complied with custody agreement & FRA published subscription.
  • Review & Payment of portfolio accrued fees/expenses.
  • Handling the auditing process with the external auditors.
  • Extract/Review/Collection or deliver to outsider collector portfolio monthly checks.
  • Scanning all received checks.
  • Online banking system.
  • Checks collection service.
  • Backup collector.

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