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Message from the Sector Head

This year marks one of the most definitively transformative phases for the banking sector as we accelerate our transition into the era of digitalization. We continuously strive to encourage a dynamic business conduit that better enables employees, optimizes operations, and potentially transforms business models. With that in mind, our compelling vision to strengthen our core business practice motivates us to deliver pristine products and services that solely rely on the dependability, resourcefulness, and connectivity of our select teams at Banque Misr. In light of our initiatives, as is customary since the early 1920s, we have focused on providing the best recruitment resources that better serve the innovative direction in which the world is now heading.


Of the many examples that stand out, our “Digital Factory” stands as our current premise that encourages experienced professionals to work together, stipulating the importance of how Banque Misr prioritizes its client’s financial wellbeing as the corner stone of our practice. 


Across the board of our lines of business, we have undergone and achieved multiple operational milestones that maintain our nationally renowned position; as our “Cultural Transformation Program” for instance has brought together a conglomerate of nearly 16,000 participant employees in a virtual town hall, marking one of the biggest events the bank has ever digitally held since its inception.


Our motive to hire outstanding calibers has since led us to push our boundaries even further during COVID-19, as our internship opportunities have garnered a staggering number of 60,000 students last year alone.


As we introduce our strategy for 2022, we rightfully position ourselves as an integral part of Egypt’s growth by identifying numerous pathways for development, while highlighting different areas of expansion for our employees. Our Recruitment Department alone hires 2,000 to 3,000 esteemed handpicked candidates on a yearly basis, and works tirelessly to ensure that our calibers are able to meet set expectations; not just by endorsing their expertise but by also appreciating their collaborative mindsets, their willingness to generate ideas, and their flexibility to strategically work through any given challenges.  


In light of our current achievements, I would like to formally extend my regards to those who in the pursuit of excellence, have strived to do more and potentially achieve much more than they’ve initially perceived. Through the Recruitment Department’s efforts and strategies, we efficiently pave the way for bright young minds to explore their own path toward incredulous success.


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