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ُElectronic Account Statement

E-statement is a copy of your account statement that contains the same information as the printed account statement, along with all transactions made on your account. It is automatically sent quarterly to your registered email address.


You can now receive the electronic account statement in PDF.


  • Quick access to all your accounts, balances, transactions and details.
  • Secured account statement with a variable password sent via SMS during each cycle.
  • Discard printed statement and replace it with e-statement, let you easily obtain all the detailed information of your account transactions anytime, anywhere
  • This service will provide you with great convenience and flexibility, and your subscription to e-statement service instead of the printed statement will help protect the environment



1. How do I subscribe to E-Statement?

switching from printed statement to E-statement service is very easy, just visit one of our branches to apply for the service.

  • Kindly note that subscribing to the service will automatically cancel the hold mail service on your account to ensure access to all your accounts.
  • E-Statement is sent quarterly to your registered email address. If you did not receive e-statement, this means that your email address has not been updated and you will need to visit nearest branch to update your email.

2. How can I stop receiving printed statement?

By Subscribing to Electronic Statement, you will stop receiving account statement by regular mail, please visit the nearest branch and sign e-statement request form.

3. Who is eligible for this service?

All Individual customers (Egyptians and Foreigners) in all Banque Misr Branches

4. How can I cancel E-Statement service?

To cancel e-statement service, kindly visit the nearest branch to sign e-statement cancellation form.

For more information, kindly contact the customer service center at 19888

*Terms and conditions apply.

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