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Literacy and financial Inclusion

The concept of financial inclusion involves offering financial services to all segments of society – whether they be individuals or institutions – and striving to enable these segments to utilize such services, by providing financial services that are of an acceptable quality and a reasonable price through official financial channels.

Banque Misr is considered one of the first banks to lay the foundations of financial inclusion, being the first bank to be established with Egyptian capital for the purpose of investing the savings of Egyptians and integrating these savings into the formal national economy. As such, the Bank consistently supports the efforts of the Egyptian state towards fulfilling financial inclusion, with the aim of allowing all social segments access to financial products and services that fulfil their various needs; especially Egyptian youths, which constitute the largest segment of society. Banque Misr has partaken in numerous initiatives and events that seek to drive these efforts; such as the national initiative launched by the Egyptian Banking Institute, “Ashan Bokra” in 2012, under the auspices of the Central Bank of Egypt, in the area of financial education and the development of financial products and services that suit children and youths in Egypt and the Middle East. This is in addition to the Bank’s regular participation in the Arab Day for Financial Inclusion, International Youth Day, and other functions.

Literacy and Financial Inclusion

An Informative Video on Financial Inclusion

Banque Misr Financial Inclusion Activities and Events​​

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