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Nilepreneures Initiative

Supporting entrepreneurs in SMEs and promoting local products

The Nilepreneurs scheme comes as a national initiative for all entrepreneurial and innovative activities, founded upon joining forces with partners and players involved in the economic system (the Ministry of Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Reforms, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, banks operating in Egypt and the Egyptian Banking Institute) for the purpose of fostering an environment that is conducive to a culture of entrepreneurship, Owing to the Bank's leading and impactful role in supporting promising young entrepreneurs, encouraging them to adopt innovative ideas and unlocking their full potential, Banque Misr has partaken in the NilePreneurs initiative via the two following streams:
These are units established within a number of handpicked universities, seeking to enable industries and the business community to innovate and develop new and existing products, which fulfil consumer needs; by guaranteeing best cost, quality, reliability, safety, time-to-market and customer satisfaction. This is done by utilizing the latest design technologies and capitalizing on available resources offered through design and simulation services, as well as training courses and workshops held for start-up companies and small and medium business owners.  

Banque Misr's Design Houses may be found at:

  • Nile University
  • Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport
  • Ain Shams University
  • Al Azhar University – Qena


Business Development Services
These are services offered in support of small, medium and micro projects and entrepreneurs, providing them with non-financial services that enable them to obtain funding and to communicate with all service and business development providers. Banque Misr has activated 3 BDSs in the following governorates:

  • Minoufiya Governorate – Sadat City branch
  • Damietta Governorate – New Damietta branch
  • Luxor Governorate – Aton branch

Services Provided by BDSs

Generating Ideas for New Businesses
Supporting young and potential entrepreneurs in identifying ideas for feasible and viable projects, in line with their personal traits and local contexts; in addition to assisting them in exploring their ability to establish these ventures and aid their assessment of various project phases towards determining viability.


Registration and Licensing Service
Assisting the client in accessing information on procedures, processes and required documentation; preparing a complete file for registering a commercial, industrial or service activity; and obtaining a license to practice and industrial registration. This is coupled with guiding the client to the nearest one-window center of the Chambers of Commerce or Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises authority.


Feasibility Study Services
Assisting the compilation of comprehensive feasibility studies as a primary guiding step towards initiating a new project or expanding a current enterprise; whether this involves opening a new market, introducing a new product/service, ensuring economic feasibility, identifying required funding and enabling the candidate to present this study to the financing entity, where applicable.

Facilitating Access to Funding
Providing the client with data and information pertaining to financing products – whether banking (banks) or non-banking (factoring companies, financial leasing corporations, venture capital companies); according to such factors as the geographical location, nature of activity and size of funding required. This is in addition to assisting the client in preparing a credit profile, the required documents for applying to the required funding and educating them on the methodology of interacting with financing companies, bank account management and aspects to be considered for avoiding a poor credit rating.


Financial Analysis and Assessment Services
Performing a preliminary financial analysis for the client on the financial status of the project/company, presenting analysis results and recommendations and assisting them in making informed and educated decisions.


Networking with Vendors and Targeted Markets
The networking service is based on three themes:

Networking between small and medium enterprises and commercial chains (public/private sector) such as Metro and Carrefour.

Networking between small and medium enterprises and other companies of the same or similar category for the


Exchange of products and services.

Networking between small and medium enterprises and supply chains within a specific sector; for the purpose of assisting them in improving their products, establishing a market presence and expanding their customer base; thus enabling them to grow, enhance business opportunities and increase revenues

Publishing Available Data and Knowledge on Small and Medium Enterprises
Providing a database via the Egypt Projects platform, which includes consultation offices (financial, economic, administrative, marketing, public services, real estate, customs clearance), available training, specialized consultation service providers and expert consultants in sector-specific business and product development. Such services may be sought independently, by making internet-connected computers available to targeted clients.

Training, Capacity Building and Workshop Services
These services are offered with the objective of enhancing administrative, organizational and legal efficiency for ensuring the success of start-up enterprises; such as through training involving project management, total quality, trademarks, coding and tracking and economic feasibility studies. The service is based on sound client assessment and on identifying the actual need for the type of training required for capacity building.


You can visit Banque Misr BDS in:

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