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Mission and Vision

Mission & Vision


Foundation Profile

Banque Misr Foundation for Community Development is a non-profit foundation incorporated in 2007 under the number 7045 with the Ministry of Social Solidarity. Banque Misr is the first bank to establish its foundation to serve as the bank's subsidiary in social responsibility programs in order to ensure the achievement of a wider scope of practices for positive sustainable development that promotes society. The foundation is responsible for implementing a significant part of the bank's plan for directing its donations to various development programs, which would contribute to empowering the community to raise the standard of living for vulnerable groups and reach sustainable communities.

Banque Misr Foundation for Community Development aims to develop society to contribute to the improvement of the citizen's quality of life through achieving integration between the field of community development and economic empowerment.

The Foundation adopts projects that contribute to the integrated development in the villages and slum areas, development of vocational training and transformational training programs, financing of small and micro enterprises, support of women's empowerment activities, and care for people with special needs, in addition to the development of government and university hospitals and support the specialized surgeries for those who could not afford it.

The Foundation also assumes sponsorship of some of the talented and outstanding students and contributes to the support of universities' scientific research centers and technical education centers, in addition to the development, furnishing, and operation of community schools.

It also participates in social solidarity projects and a number of community and volunteer initiatives to improve the living conditions of the incapable and people of determination.

Not to mention specialized projects to support and care for orphans and women breadwinners to create a suitable environment for raising orphaned children and supporting and aiding mothers.

The Foundation did not overlook promoting financial inclusion policy in its various projects which are oriented towards the governorates and the neediest villages, in addition to compliance with Egypt's 2030 Vision and the United Nations Sustainable Development Plan, where the following objectives are under concentration:

  • Elevating Egyptian citizens' quality and standard of living.
  • Developing the human capital.
  • Enhancing women's role in economic and social development.
  • The quality of health services provided to citizens, also, the Foundation works to complete the state's various social, health, and economic programs, in addition to participating in the Decent Life Initiative, Forsa for Economic Empowerment, and other programs that aim at human development.


Due to the belief in the sustainability of the impact and that equal opportunity in access to basic resources, education and health helps in achieving human development and enhances economic growth opportunities, and reduces poverty, Banque Misr Foundation for Community Development cooperates with civil society institutions in implementing these programs, to apply the slogan, we work together for the good of our country.


Selection criteria for the foundation-funded projects:

The Foundation undertakes a balanced plan that includes as many governorates and beneficiaries as possible, then the project is selected as well as the associations with which cooperation would take place to implement economic and community empowerment programs by way of the application of the associations/institutions to the projects, then the considering them, and
selecting the most appropriate as per the following criteria:

  • Within the scope of the institution's objectives and field of work.
  • Continuity after the end of the project period, and this will be ensured through continuous follow-up by the Foundation.
  • Positive tangible and continuous impact on society and the environment.
  • Reach as many beneficiaries as possible, especially vulnerable groups.



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