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BM News

04 Sep

To actively participate in the advancement toward cashless societies, Banque Misr has entered into a collaborative agreement with Tatweer Misr to offer electronic payment solutions within the company's projects.

03 Sep

Misr Bank is the Best in the field of digital transformation, small and medium enterprises, and human resources according to The Digital Banker International Magazine for 2023

31 Aug

Banque Misr Presents New Offerings and Privileges on the Occasion of “Farmers Day” for Boosting Financial Inclusion, Under the Auspices of the Central Bank of Egypt

29 Aug

Banque Misr, in a strategic alignment of purpose and a steadfast commitment to societal advancement, has dedicated a sum of EGP 50 million to bolster transformative economic empowerment initiatives within the 'Decent Life' villages across seven governorates, creating over 2,400 job opportunities. This noble effort, carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Solidarity and Misr El Kheir Foundation, stands as a testament to Banque Misr's prominent role in the domain of social responsibility

22 Aug

Banque Misr accomplishes a momentous stride in the growth trajectories of all its business sectors, culminating by the close of December 2022. The institution propels its aggregate pre-tax profit to a towering EGP 40.8 billion, fortified by an infusion of EGP 15.9 billion into the public coffers. In the symphony of fiscal accomplishments, the bank orchestrates a resonant net profit of EGP 25 billion, a triumphant finale to the fiscal year denouement on December 31, 2022.

17 Aug

Banque Misr meets with participating entrepreneurs in the second cycle of “TEQDAR” Accelerator Program

02 Aug

30 Jul

Steps to Buy Banque Misr Dollar Savings Certificates with the Highest Return "Al-Qemma & Elite" for Customers and Non-Customers from Inside and Outside Egypt

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