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Embrace a Heritage of Innovation

Building on our heritage of innovation, we initiate our accelerator program, "TEQDAR," where opportunity connects with success. This transformative six-month journey propels startups into the forefront of diverse markets, igniting the spark of entrepreneurial innovation and paving the way for unlimited opportunities

Offering and Eligibility


**Dear Applicant 
We appreciate your trust in our services. We would like to inform you that by clicking the above Button "JOIN TEQDAR", will redirect you to a third-party website “Babele” our strategic partner


What are the documents required once startups are accepted in TEQDAR?

Once accepted in the TEQDAR program, pre-seed, or seed stage startups need to provide TEQDAR with essential requirements including incorporation and legal documents including the startup's tax card, and commercial register, as well as business documents for business and investment readiness including pitch deck (must have) & business plan, financial model & valuation (if available).

What kind of collaborations does TEQDAR allow with startups?

TEQDAR focuses on co-creation & integration with Banque Misr for Fintech- related startups fitting the bank strategic themes & white spaces. It provides startups with distinctive opportunities fostering collaboration and innovation at the intersection of finance and technology.

In the context of TEQDAR & Banque Misr, co-creation means that startups can work closely with both entities to develop innovative ideas, products, or services that leverage the strengths and expertise of all parties involved. This collaborative approach often leads to more innovative and effective outcomes by combining different perspectives, resources, and capabilities to yield optimal results.

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