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Trade Finance


At Banque Misr Trade Services, we don’t wait for the future to happen: we make it happen. Our business is defined not by innovation, but by reinvention. Across all three of our areas of specialization, we’ve established ourselves as industry leaders, improving existing products, integrating state-of-the-art technologies and introducing market-changing new capabilities.

Nowadays, Banque Misr is Egypt’s leading trade finance bank, the nation’s exporters and importers’ partner of choice and maintains a global network of correspondent banks

At Banque Misr, we provide trade finance solutions to our clients through our Trade Advisory Services helping them to mitigate risk.

Our fully integrated global network spans over around the world, delivering excellent services, innovative solutions and considerable trade expertise.

Our mission is providing highest quality and technicality level of service to our valued customers and correspondents network.

Trade Finance

Letter of Credit (LCs)

Letters of Credit (LCs) are the safest and often most convenient means of financing trade related transactions. LC (Documentary or Standby) is a written undertaking given by a bank (Issuing Bank) to a beneficiary upon instructions from an applicant (issuing Bank’s client) to pay the beneficiary at sight ... see more

Letter of Guarantee (LGs)

The complexity of foreign guarantee business with all its country-specific features and diversity of bank regulations and practices can represent a really challenging operation for your customers. It involves risks and requirements that do not arise in domestic trade, meaning that your customers' primary need is for risk protection ... see more

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