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Investment Activities:

Branches of Banque Misr for Islamic Transactions are financing all types of economic activities according to the rules of Islamic Shariah, which were approved by the majority of Islamic scholars, such as the following:


  • Musharaka:

Partnership means that two persons invest money for trading and divide the profit between them. They may not have equal shares in the amount of money, in trading or in profits. The money of one partner may be more than the other, one partner may be in charge of trading activities and the two partners may divide the profits equally or according to quota agreed between them. In case of loss, the amount to be borne by each partner shall be in the ratio of the capital of each one.


  • Murabaha

Is a form of sale where the cost of the goods to be sold as well as the profit on the sale is known to both parties, the purchase and selling price and the profit margin must be clearly stated at the time of the sale agreement.

Payment of the Murabaha price may be in spot, in installments or in lump sum after a certain period of time.


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