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Al-Araby Card


Al Araby Card is a loan granted to the client in the form of a credit card for those who wish to buy durable goods and electronic devices of various kinds from Al Araby Company using an installment scheme.


Card Uses  

Card can be used for purchasing durable and electronic goods from Al Araby sales outlets and from many of the company’s accredited distributors across Egypt.


Card benefits

  • Value of purchases is spread over 24 monthly installments with no down payment and low interest rates.
  • Utilize the services of Al Araby maintenance centers.
  • Monthly installments can be paid easily with the card at any of Banque Misr branches across Egypt and at any of BM branches in hotels and airports operating for 24 hour

Required Document for getting the Card

  • A photocopy of a valid national identity card
  • A recent  utilities receipt (Gas– Electricity – Water – landline) referring to the place of residence for the last 3 months under the name of the applicant or a first degree relative along with documents in evidence of relationship.
  • Proof of Income Documents:-


  • An accredited employment verification letter from the concerned department clarifying (Annual or monthly income/ job position/ hiring date), whereas the submission date of the letter should not exceed two months from the issuing date.     Or
  • 3 recent salary receipts, whereas one of them should be issued one year from submission date.             Or
  • A bank statement showing salary transfer, whereas one of the transfer transactions was executed a year ago.

Free professions/ commercial/industrial activity owner

  • A recent transcript of the tax card and commercial registry


  • A Photocopy of work permit, tax card, and syndicate card.

Free professions/ commercial/industrial activity owner

For the free professions one of the below documents should be submitted:

  • A bank statement (original/photocopy) for the last 6 months accredited from the issuing bank under the client’s name or the company’s name.
  • An accredited certificate from one of the central bank certified chartered accountants.
  • A certificate from the tax authority identifying the client's income for the last year.


To Apply for a card, kindly click here

Credit Cards

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