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Egyptian Sports Fund

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Charitable Investment Fund in Support of Sports – “Egyptian Sports Fund”

General Information

General Information

Name of Fund

Charitable Investment Fund in Support of Sports – “Egyptian Sports Fund”

Type of Fund

Open Investment Fund

Fund Objectives

All profits and revenues generated from the Fund’s investments – until expiration thereof – shall be directed to social and charitable purposes; provided that this is done through registered associations, private institutions, government entities, government-supervised entities or subsidiaries involved in charitable activities. Said activities must aim to develop and serve the community, as per the provisions of the authority’s Board Resolution No. (19) of 2018:

  1. Support and fund all types and forms of sport, as determined by the Fund’s Board.
  2. Support and fund local, regional or global sports competitions or the Egyptian Olympic games.
  3. Support and fund the establishment of sports training and rehabilitation centers for Egyptian athletes and coaches.
  4. Support athletes via all means possible, whether financially or morally, in order to further and develop their performance.
  5. Support and fund awareness campaigns associated with Egyptian sports, in Egypt and around the world.
  6. Support and fund youth centers, clubs, sports federations and all types of sports venues, in light of what is determined by the Fund’s Board.
  7. Any other purposes or activities aiming to endorse Egyptian sports, as determined by the Fund’s Board, including funding national sports projects and athlete bonuses, as per the approved regulations of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.




The actual day of purchase shall be on Sunday every two weeks


The first date for receiving redemption requests shall be after a period of three years, starting on the first day of Fund operation, following the end of subscription, to be duly announced at a closing price, on Sunday every two weeks.

Publishing Document Price

First business day of every week via Al-Ahram newspaper

Fund Manager

Beltone Investment Fund Manager, an Egyptian shareholding company established pursuant to Law and licensed to engage in the management of investment funds, under license no. (319) dated 6/1/2004.




Banque Misr


RSM – Magdy Hashish and Partners

Baker Tilly – Wahid Abdel Ghaffar & Co.

Financial Information

Financial Information

Size of Fund upon Issuance

EGP 5,000,000 - Five Million Egyptian Pounds

Contribution of Banque Misr upon Issuance

EGP 4,998,000 - Only Four Million Nine Hundred and Ninety-Eight Thousand Egyptian Pounds

Document Price

EGP 100

Min. and Max Purchase Price

No minimum or maximum

Investment Manager Fees

Management Fees

0.2% annually of net fund asset value

Bank Fees

0.2% annually of net fund asset value

Purchase Commission


Redemption Commission


Investment Ratios

Shares to Fund Assets

Maximum 20% of net Fund assets

Maximum Securities per Company

15% of Fund finances and 20% of company

Treasury Bonds

Maximum 95% of total Fund finances

Other Fund Documents

20% of net Fund assets