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Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

The concept of investment funds:

Investment Fund is a joint stock company established by the monetary capital of banks and insurance companies (according to the Capital Market Law No. 95 of 1992). And every investor in the investment fund owns a share in the common fund called an investment, and each document represents the proportion of ownership in the securities portfolio, which is the Fund. And those funds managed by other independent joint-stock company called (Investment Manager) with expert experience in the management of portfolios and investment funds.

Objective of investment funds:

The investment through investment funds can small investors to channel their savings to invest in the securities less risky and indirectly instead of investing in securities.

The benefits of investment funds:

1 - Availability of professional administration: the fund managers to study the performance of companies listed on the Stock Exchange and the selection of the best, and then placed a strategy for investment, which achieve the objectives of the Fund.

2 - Diversification of investments: diversification was intended by the administration of the Fund to invest funds in a variety of securities belonging to different sectors of the market. And can diversify and reduce losses to that in case of loss-making the Fund as a result reduced the price of the securities, which may offset the high price and other financial paper.

3 - Reducing Risk: Since the availability of substantial financial means and expertise to the investment fund could be administered diversification to the Fund will reduce the investment risk, and this may not be available to small investors, making money in a more secure investment fund for small investors.
4 - The diversity of investment objectives, commensurate with the nature of each investor: where there are several investment funds with different investment objectives such as growth funds and capital funds of the regular revenue and specialized funds that invest in specific sectors and funds that invest in securities such as bonds Fixed-income.
5 - Easy recovery of money invested: the possibility of customer out of the market whenever it wants through the recovery of the documents.

Types of investment funds (in terms of revenue):

1 - Investment Fund is a regular return: and that is that the dividend distribution (quarter or half year) to campaign documents and, according to the proportion of each investor in the fund and therefore in profits.
2 - Investment Fund with a cumulative return "or growth capital": and those funds are not a regular dividend distribution of campaign documents, but re-invest the profits and that is reflected in the form of higher value of the document the cumulative effect (of course if profits achieve) and So the owner can obtain capital and profits in the event of the sale of such document (redemption)
3 - funds of the regular revenue growth and capital: is the combination of two former to distribute part of the profits periodically on the campaign documents and retain the other part and re-investment by raising the market value of the documents.
4 - Money market funds: They are the types of funds from more stable and safer in terms of investment risk, and invest primarily in short-term financial assets and secured from the government such as treasury bills and certificates of deposit as well as (savings in the big banks).

How to select appropriate investment fund for each customer:

Usually prefer to develop the investor part of the investment in security investments and easily accessible (less risk) and the other in regular-yielding investments and in the last part of investments in growth ratio funds (higher risk).
- If the client wants to invest in the Fund is less risk, he can invest the funds in cash.
- If the client wants to invest in the Fund is a regular dividend (quarter or half year), he can invest in funds of the regular revenue.
- If the client wants to invest in the Fund is working on the growth and increase the amount invested, he can invest in funds with a cumulative return.
- If the customer wants to have regular revenue and profits as well as the cumulative amount invested, it could invest in funds of the regular returns and capital growth

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