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BM Online Business


Within the framework of Banque Misr’s endeavor to provide distinguished services to its customers, enabling them to accomplish and perform their business safely and quickly and to keep pace with technological development, Banque Misr has developed a system of online banking services for Corporate Customers. Through BM Online Business, many banking transactions can be carried out easily and safely, as well as following-up accounts and many other services, the following is to name a few:


  • Transfer within Banque Misr accounts.
  • Transfer money to Local Banks
  • Transfer money outside Egypt
  • Credit Card Payment - Transfer money to prepaid cards
  • Transfer to all local banks cards
  • Transfer to all e-wallets inside Egypt
  • Adding sustainable instructions.
  • Open account / Book Time Deposit / Purchase savings certificates
  • Banker's Cheque Request
  • Balance confirmation request
  • Debit card request
  • Block all BM Cards
  • Manage account balances
  • Inquiry about transactions for merchants
  • Display a summary of all company accounts (Current accounts, Savings certificates, Deposits, Loans) in various currencies.
  • Display specified–period statement / Mini-statement.
  • Display approved transactions through internet Banking.
  • Link an affiliate company to holding company / Review and manage affiliate company’s accounts.
  • Manage Own accounts & all affiliate companies accounts by one user profile.

Bulk payment Governmental payment
  1. Unified form easy-to-fill for all types of payments


  2. Upload batch file containing up to 100 K transactions


  3. Check payment status real-time


  4. Schedule payments for up to 30 working days
  1. Inquiry about the value and details for the paid” Income TAX, VAT, Customs declaration, Customs Top-up, Nafeza payment, and insurance “before paying


  2. Pay the payments at any time throughout the week 24/7


  3. Download payment & receipts




to Access BM Online Business Click Here


To subscribe to the BM Online Business

Please visit your branch or visit the nearest branch of our bank to activate the service.

Enjoy a safer banking experience with BM Online Business

BM Online Business ensures that you complete your banking transactions using the OTP feature, an additional authentication feature through Hard Token devices where a one-time-password, valid for a few seconds only, will be used to complete the transactions.


Terms and Conditions for Corporate

User Guide of BM Online Business

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