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Kenana business

​​​​​The Islamic Banking Concept - an Introduction

Islam enjoined earning money by lawful means, and regulate its spending. It also prohibited the hoarding of money, and not investing it in a proper way in industry, agriculture, and trade so that people and society would benefit.

All these services from our network of Islamic branches that amounted to 50 branches and delegation all over Egypt, and the majority of these services have been automated with advanced computer automated systems to provide banking services in a contemporary manner that parallels the most modern banks at home and abroad.

Banque Misr was, as always, the first public sector bank to open branches dedicated to Islamic transactions to provide all banking, financial and commercial business that support all aspects of economic and commercial activity in accordance with the provisions of the Islamic Sharia, so that their funds be completely separate from the bank's money under the supervision of the bank's Sharia Supervisory Board headed by the Professor of Islamic law at the Faculty of Law, Cairo University and two Sharia jurists members from Egypt's Dar Al Ifta.

It accepts all types of deposits in Egyptian pounds and foreign currencies, and is the sole issuer of Banque Misr's certificates for Islamic transactions in the Egyptian pound and US dollar, and provides banking services and finances projects in accordance with the Musharaka, Mudaraba, Murabaha, Ijarah, and Istisna systems, and the Isalimic savings vessels are being invested in accordance with the Absolute Mudaraba Formula, the dividends thereof are being distributed in accordance to the outcomes of the business of the Islamic branches and under the supervision of the bank's Sharia Board, in addition to modern banking services and products such as the issuance of Islamic credit cards, electronic wallets and digital services for customers.

About Kenana services for Islamic transactions

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