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Internet and Mobile Banking - BM Online

  BM Online Internet and Mobile Banking

Enhance your banking experience with our Mobile Banking services, designed to empower you with convenience and control:

  • Open New Accounts:

Seamlessly open additional accounts including Islamic accounts.

  • Certificates of Deposits:

Easily issue, manage, and redeem your certificates of deposits effortlessly.

  • Time Deposits

Issue and manage your time deposits conveniently.

  • Account Summary:

View comprehensive summaries of your accounts in both EGP and FX currencies.

  • Live Exchange Rates:

Stay updated with real-time exchange rates to make informed financial decisions.

  • Service Requests:

Request a new debit card, credit card, cheque book, or even apply for a loan with just a few taps.

  • Standing Instructions:

Set up scheduled standing instructions for recurring transactions.

  • Branch Visits Scheduler:

Plan and schedule your branch visits at your convenience.

  • Instant Domestic Transfers:

Seamless Instant transfer funds to any Account, Prepaid card, Credit card or Wallet within Egypt.

  • International Transfers:

Facilitate seamless transfers to any account outside Egypt.

  • Card Management:

 Access all card information in one place and conveniently pay your credit card bills.

 Activate your debit/credit cards effortlessly and set your debit card PIN.

 Secure your cards by temporarily deactivating them when needed.

Discover a world of banking at your fingertips. Explore these features and more with our Mobile Banking platform – your gateway to a smarter and more efficient banking experience.

Credit card transactions installment feature

To know more about the feature of installments of your credit card transactions for purchases and cash withdrawals through the mobile banking application.


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Enjoy secure banking with BM Online:
BM Online systems guarantee you secure transactions using OTP, which is an innovative additional security feature, provided using the BM Token app available on Google Play and App Store. The BM Token app is used to carry out online payments, transfer between accounts, pay off credit cards, issue time deposits, and purchase savings certificates. You will receive a one-time password, usable for a few seconds only, to carry out each transaction.
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