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Internet and Mobile Banking - BM Online

  BM Online Internet and Mobile Banking

Banque Misr has developed its internet and online banking system, Online, allowing users to enjoy the comfort of safely, easily, conveniently,and quickly taking care of their banking needs. Services include transactions, and account and card reviews, as well as:

  • Opening additional accounts/ Islamic accounts / Issuing time deposits / Buying savings certificates
  • Displaying accounts summaries in Egyptian and foreign currencies, as well as cards and exchange rates
  • Requesting a debit or credit card / Temporarily deactivating cards / Paying with credit cards /Applying for a loan
  • Activate debit & credit card 
  • Transfers to accounts within the bank
  • Certificates of deposit Redemption
  • check book requests
  • Adding ongoing instructions and preparing lists and favorites
  • Paying all your due bills
  • scheduling the next branch visit
  • Transferring to any wallet inside Egypt
  • Transferring to any card inside Egypt
  • Transferring to any credit card inside Banque Misr
  • Transferring from your account to any other account outside Egypt

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Enjoy secure banking with BM Online:
BM Online systems guarantee you secure transactions using OTP, which is an innovative additional security feature, provided using the BM Token app available on Google Play and App Store. The BM Token app is used to carry out online payments, transfer between accounts, pay off credit cards, issue time deposits, and purchase savings certificates. You will receive a one-time password, usable for a few seconds only, to carry out each transaction.
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